First Issue of Philosophy of Physics Published

Published On: November 20, 2023

We are delighted to announce that the inaugural issue of Philosophy of Physics (PoP) has been published.

Philosophy of Physics is published by LSE Press on behalf of the Philosophy of Physics Society.  The Journal aims to be the flagship journal for the field and to span the various different axes of philosophy of physics: metaphysical, historical, mathematical, practice-oriented (and more). It is intended for all researchers in philosophy of physics and for interested readers in cognate disciplines, including outside philosophy. It’s editor in chief is David Wallace (Pittsburgh).

The inaugural issue includes articles by Emily Adlam and Carlo Rovelli, Samuel C. Fletcher and James Owen Weatherall, Álvaro Mozota Frauca, Klaas Landsman, Wayne C. Myrvold and John D. Norton, Laura Ruetsche, and Ward Struyve. You can read it here:

This has only been possible due to the generous support given to the society by the members, trustees and sponsors, and to the journal by LSE Press, the editorial team, reviewers, and authors. Thanks and congratulations all round!