The philosophy of physics is a part of what Newton called ‘Natural Philosophy‘ that emerged as an academic discipline in the twentieth century, and now consists of a thriving international community of philosophers, physicists and mathematicians. We are the professional society for that community.

The Society manages the discipline’s flagship new journal Philosophy of Physics, published on behalf of the Society by the LSE Press. The journal is published open access, and so our articles are not locked down behind a paywall: they are freely available for everyone to read and learn from. This is made possible through our generous supporters and membership fees, which are priced in tiers to be as accessible as possible, and which allow members to submit manuscripts to the journal free of charge.

The Society’s activities are described in more detail in the pages below. We thank our membership for your support, without which the Society’s activities would not be possible.

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Our mission, financial model, and commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion.

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Philosophy of Physics journal

The discipline’s flagship journal¬†Philosophy of Physics, published open access by the LSE Press.

Allows for free submission to the journal. All researchers and students working in the history, philosophy and foundations of physics are welcome and encouraged to join.

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Our Sponsors

In addition to membership fees, the Society and its journal operate thanks to the annual donation of the LSE Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Sciences (CPNSS). We are also grateful to our additional sponsors below, whose generous donations helped to launch the Society and its journal.

Please contact us if you or your institution are willing to support the Philosophy of Physics Society as a sponsor.

British Society for the Philosophy of Science
Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Sciences
Department of Logic and Philosophy of Science, UC Irvine
European Philosophy of Science Association
FQXi: Foundational Questions Institute
New Directions in Philosophy of Cosmology
Philosophy of Science Association